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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

Dogs are always looking to please you and naturally want to obey. When you give them tools of obedience through dog training, they give back ten-fold to you.

Penny Korethoski offers one-on-one dog training, group classes and pet first aid workshops, including puppy training, behavioural issues and concerns about problem dogs. Through P.E.T.S Dog Training in Nelson BC, Penny can help create a better-behaved and balanced pet who will add enjoyment to your life. P.E.T.S. philosophy is “Mind over Manners”. When your pet is in the right state of mind, they will have the right kind of manners.

The relationship between humankind and dogs is thousands of years old. Still, it isn’t always easy to achieve that perfect balance of obedience to maximize your relationship with your dog. From behavioural issues to problem dogs to pet first aid, P.E.T.S. in Nelson BC can help you and your beloved dog realize a greater level of friendship. Owner Penny Korethoski truly believes that obedience is the fundamental key in any dog’s life. With her kindness and love for all dogs, she can teach you how to train your pet through the puppy stage all the way to senior dog status. Using positive reinforcement training techniques, you will be able to attain obedience from your pet. The rewards of proper dog training are endless.

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"Obedience is the key fundamental in any dog's life"

I have has been an Animal Technologist since 1999. I have worked at the Nelson Animal Hospital since 2003. In the summer of 2007, I expanded my knowledge of animals by becoming an accredited Dog Trainer through the Animal Behaviour College and became a certified Pet First Aid instructor through the Walks N Wags program in 2009. My dedication to helping pets and their owners makes training a fun and exciting challenge!

P.E.T.S is introducing a new training service in town, offering basic training for dogs of all ages and those specific issues that may require more attention. P.E.T.S will help shape your dog's behaviour with the right type of motivation and through the use of positive reinforcement we will get the performance you are looking for. An important thing to remember is through patience and consistency you will find success. "Mind over Manners" is my personal slogan because I feel that if you get them in the right state of mind you can get them to have the right set of manners. I am looking forward to meeting the dog's of the Kootenays as I know there are a lot of you out there.

Vaccine Requirements

Dog Trainer in Nelson BCIn order to ensure the health and safety of all dogs, please have your pet updated with the vaccine series that is recommended by your veterinarian, as well as the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine. This ensures the health and safety of all dogs in Penny’s classes. Please bring proof of your vaccinations to the first class.

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